The Harney & Co Team

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Sarah Cull  -  BA (Hons) Philosophy
Book-keeping/Payroll/Accounts Assistant
£42.00 per hour
Diane Elcombe
Book-Keeper/Payroll Specialist
£40.00 per hour
Emma Grime  -  ACCA MAAT
Accounts Senior/Book-keeping/Payroll
£50.00 per hour
Sally Harney  -  FCCA
Director/Audit & Accounts Specialist
£115.00 per hour
Steve Harney  -  FCCA ATT Dip PFS
Director/Tax Specialist/Business Adviser
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£132.00 per hour
Charlotte Helfer
Tax Assistant
£40.00 per hour
Sergiy Machulin  -  FCCA BS (Hons) Accounting
Director/Accounts/Audit Manager
£79.00 per hour
Dorinda Miles
Accounts/Company Secretarial/Book-keeping
£55.00 per hour
Loraine Osborne  -  FCCA
Accounts & Tax Manager
£92.00 per hour
Kerry Russell
Tax and Accounts Manager
£72.00 per hour
John Sheldrake  -  Dip PFS
Financial Services Partner/Tax
£79.00 per hour
Alison Tongs  -  FMAAT
Accounts/Audit Senior
£60.00 per hour
Lindsey Tranter   -  MAAT
Tax /Accounts Manager/Payroll Specialist
£56.00 per hour
Jane Ward   -  FCCA
Business Assurance Manager
£79.00 per hour
Amanda Houlton and Donna Rawles
Providing invaluable backup and administrative support
Independent Financial Advice  -  Harney & Co. IFA

Steve Harney and John Sheldrake

Camilla Clark
Portfolio Management Services
£42.00 per hour